meet Chanbo, Sreyrath, Lao, Vana, Menh, Sony and Tol

Since the start of the CBR Program CDMD had a great impact on many lives of people with disabilities and their families. Over 63.000 people with varied health problems, of which preventable blindness, were identified. Most of them received treatment and were operated. At the same time of the people with disability supported by CDMD 67% made their way out of poverty. 

These are a few of the many life stories of people CDMD has helped. Either click on their names to read their stories. Or view the photo documentaries of their lives.

Meet Ley Vanaour impact


“With good glasses I can study and follow my classes much better. CDMD has certainly helped me to stay within school. Now I can become a doctor!”   Or check out the photo documentary ‘Education for all’, which shows his life.



Meet Srey Menhour impact

“I feel very happy now. I am having a good life. Not looking back, but forward!”   Or check out the photo documentary ‘A way out of poverty’, which shows her life. 




our impactMeet Sony

“Even though I am in a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean I can’t have a normal life. My life is not about disability. It’s just as normal as any other...”   Or check out the photo documentary ‘Being equal and valued’, which shows her life.



our impactMeet Mir Tol

“Knowing about my rights helped me a lot. And that’s why I want to help others.”  Or check out the photo documentary ‘The start of change’, which shows his life.

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...these are wonderful stories and great numbers, when considering the facts there are still many people with disability and their vulnerable families left on their own dealing with disability and personal issues. There is much work to do. And we need your help! Therefore get involved, and check out how you can help us make change happen.

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