Thank You Letters for Supporters

​CDMD would like to express our sincere thanks for generous supports to CDMD from Cambodian people living in France through Preah Pikho Thompanhor Suos Chamrong in order to fillfil the needs and promote livelihood of persons with disabilities in Cambodia.

Name of donors and amounts of supports are listed here

List of Cambodian Donors living in France (08-08-2014)

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Donations from Cambodian people living in Australia

Cambodian Development Mission for Disability (CDMD) and all staff would like to extend our profound thanks for Cambodian people living in Australia for having financially donated to CDMD in order to fulfill the needs and to promote living conditions of persons with disabilities in Cambodia. The total donated budgets that CDMD received through Mrs. Tooch Yoeun Svay from the Cambodian donors are listed in the following table:

List of Cambodian donors in Khmer

List of Cambodian donors in English

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Worth Reading Article About Cambodia Visit

After Her Excellency Amanda Vanstone, Chairperson of Vision 2020, visited to Cambodia on Tuesday 19th August, she wrote a very worth reading article about her visit in The Age News’ Website as in the following link:


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