what we do

CDMD contribute to the promotion rights and equal opportunities of persons with disabilities by coordinating services through community based approaches in 26 districts of five provinces of Cambodia. We provide a comprehensive community based rehabilitation (CBR) services to persons with disabilities and their families, and collaborating with government and non-government agencies to facilitate assistance for disabled persons to access the services.

We have categorised our work according to the matrix’s key components of the WHO's CBR Guideline. Click on each component to learn how we work and what we do:


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unite and work together

Working towards the inclusion of all members of the community regardless of ability, gender, age or ethnicity demands the active collaboration of many stakeholders.

At CDMD we treasure teamwork and networking to develop our program and its direction. Collaboration with all relevant sectors—from the clients and their families up to national government, and even international levels—is essential to implement CBR successfully. 

Rather than only give individual care, we encourage persons with disabilities to become more effective agents of change in their communities, through participation in Community Development Councils or self-help groups. 

We unite and work together with our clients, who are always the centre of what we do.

In this section you will learn more about with whom we work:

For a complete overview of our key stakeholders, please visit our report archives.

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