the right to education

educationEducation is a human right; yet, for many children with disabilities in Cambodia, schools are inaccessible. Therefore one of the first steps taken by CDMD to support children with disabilities is to enrol the child in an accessible school. 

This can include individual trainings to help the child become functionally independent, as well as consultations with principals, teachers and other students to assist them in better understanding disability.




Special education

In cases where a child has special needs due to visual or hearing impairment, special learning for Braille or sign language will be considered; however, the number of these schools are very limited and they often require children to live far away from their own family. Additional financial support (transport, food, medicine costs) can sometimes be offered on a case-to-case basis. In every situation CDMD will do its best to find and offer the best solution for the child and his/her family.

Additionally, CDMD assists children whose parent(s) or caretaker(s) have a disability. Those families belong to the poorest of the poor and CDMD supports those children with books, pens, clothing, a bicycle and so on.

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our impact

Since the start of the CBR program in 1993, 30% of the children that CDMD supports, go to a public school, and, through the assistance of CDMD, almost half of the total group receives education for those with special needs, including blindness or deafness.

Want to see and read more about our impact? Check out the photo documentary ‘Education for all’, which shows the life of Ley Vana. Or read his story.

Or when you interested to learn with whom we work, go to our stakeholders.


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