meet Ley Vana - a young smart boy of 13 years old

“With good glasses I can study and follow my classes much better. CDMD has certainly helped me to stay within school. Now I can become a doctor!” 


education for allWhen in 2004 Vana’s ability to see decreased, his grades at school did too. “When my sight got worse, I hardly could read, study or even follow classes. I missed words all the time and this made me very frustrated. I was about to drop-out of school.”

The universal right to education is firmly established in several different international instruments that have global endorsement. Education is about all people being able to learn what they need and want throughout their life. However, many children with disabilities are excluded. Either they are not able to access the schoolbuilding or don’t have the practical resources to follow the curriculum, like Vana did.

education for alleducation for allAt first Vana and his parents purchased a pair of glasses themselves in the nearest town. “In the beginning Vana seemed to be happy and ok. But within a short time the glasses broke and we had to get new ones. In three years we had to buy 3 pair. This wasn’t going well...” - mother of Vana.

CDMD has been of great help to Vana and his family. Through a survey in the district field staff of CDMD visited them. After consultation Vana was referred to the government hospital in Takeo. Through the extensive network of service providers CDMD has, Vana had only to pay for the consultation fee. “Finally good quality glasses! And even for free. Thanks to the referral of CDMD.”

education for all

At school Vana actually is the only kid with glasses. In answer to how does that make him feel, he says indifferent: “Some kids at school call me ‘glass boy’, but I don’t care. I like going to school. There are my friends. There is a large playground and a library!”

“The support of CDMD has been very good. They have given us all kind of advise and recommendations and invited us to join schoolmeetings. We are very grateful to get this extra help and next time we will certainly ask for their help again.” - mother of Vana.

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Ley Vana is one of the many of the children...

...who have been supported by the program of CDMD. Since 1993 30% of the children that CDMD supports, goes to a public school. And actually through the assistance of CDMD almost half of the total group gets special education - for example for blind or deaf children. Read more about our work in this area.

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watch video of education for all

... this is a story of Vanda. Vanda's vision started to blur when he was seven. He couldn't follow the classes, so his grades dropped. His parents started to worry that he would have to stop school....

A wonderful story of success. About being accepted and included.
Everyone matters.

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