Disability Inclusive Community Project (DICP)

Welcome to the new project! 

In the early 2015, CDMD has received grants for a 2-year project 2015-2016 called Disability Inclusive Community Project (DICP) under the support UNICEF-CDIDF. The details of the DICP Project are shown below:

1. Overall objective: To improve quality of lives of men, women, and children with disabilities and their families through rights-based and inclusive community approaches in 25 communes of 3 districts (Kandal and Prey Veng province) by 2016.

2. Specific objective: To increase capability and enhance full participation of men, women, and children with disabilities in development efforts of parters in 25 communes of 3 districts in Kandal and Prey Veng province by December 2016. The specific problem to be addressed by the project and tangible benefits are linked to the development of the capacity of partners and relevant stakeholders to integrate disability issue into their development plans, to empower people with disabilities by strengthening advocacy, networking, coordination of rehabilitation, livelihood initiative by 2016.

3. Results of the projects:

- Result 1: Community and partners incorporated disability and other cross-cutting issues into their development efforts 

- Result 2: Network and referral services strengthened including health, rehabilitation, education, justice, etc

- Result 3: Men, women, & children with disabilities empowered & networked

- Result 4: Men, women, and families of children with disabilities increased their incomes

- Result 5: Quality CBR project management strengthened

4Beneficiaries – direct and indirect:

Direct beneficiaries

  • At least 125 officers of local authorities (include commune councils, health centre, school) gained new skills on disability inclusive development
  • At least 10,000 persons with disabilities identified and received services (6% of total population)

Indirect beneficiaries

  • At least 50,000 family members of persons with disabilities
  • At least 180,000 community people  

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Our donors

This project is supported by UNICEF, and is an Australian Aid funded by the Australian Government.

   Disability Inclusive Community Project (DICP)          Disability Inclusive Community Project (DICP)

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