about daycare child center

daycare child centerThe Daycare Child Center is a project for offering a secure environment for vulnerable children aged 3-5 years old across 17 villages in Takeo province. The center helps to improve the daily living conditions of the communities the children live in, and provides daycare, nutritious meals and basic education. It also offers support to mothers about women’s and children’s rights through reading materials and counseling services.

The center is located in Kasing commune of Takeo and opened in January 2012 with three qualified caregivers on staff, and operates in partnership with Amici dei Bambini Cambodia (AiBi).

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children's nutritional status in Cambodia

Families in rural areas earn less than US$2 per day and cannot afford nutritious meals or to send their children to school.

Good nutrition is the basis for survival, health and development. Well-nourished children perform better in school, grow into healthy adults and in turn give their children a better start in life. Poverty, lack of knowledge, high unemployment rate and poor access to health services are major contributors to childhood malnutrition.

Almost 50% of children are plagued by malnutrition with a high rate of underweight and wasting. Likewise, children are a disadvantaged segment of the population who are not only prone to rapidly deteriorating and fatal infectious diseases, but are also very dependent for their survival on health care service provision and the health seeing behaviors of their parents or caretakers. High rates of maternal mortality further affect the well-being and survival of newborns and children. Poor health practice is not unusual among the general population in Cambodia. Child health status is also strongly correlated with the mother’s level of education and mother’s income as women are more likely to spend their money on a child’s welfare compared to other members of the family.

CDMD’s Daycare Child Center aims to help break this poverty cycle.

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how you can help

Our center needs toys, books, posters and learning materials. If you would like to donate items, please phone (+855) 23 211732 or email us at i...@cdmdcambodia.org.

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Our donors

The generous support of an Italian NGO, AiBi, we have been able to help many poor children, children with disabilities and their families in Cambodia.

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