where development starts

Development starts at the community level. Therefore, CDMD actively works with Commune Councils and key community members, such as elders and traditional healers. 


Each Commune Council is encouraged to participate in surveys to identify clients for the provision of services and referral, as well as to include disability issues under communal development plans. At the same time, CDMD invites all members of the community to participate in screenings, in order to spread information.  


As community meetings play an important role in raising disability awareness within communities, local authorities at the community and district level, as well as all members of the community are invited and encouraged to join.



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community volunteers

In the effort to increase involvement and make communities more responsive to the needs of all their community members, CDMD works with community volunteers. Volunteers are trained by the field staff in order to facilitate and provide appropriate services to the client and his or her family.

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