inclusive communities - everyone matters

As an independent Cambodian non-governmental organisation, CDMD working toward an inclusive, barrier-free and rights-based society for people with disabilities.



“A Society for All where people with disabilities live with dignity and prosperity”


“To coordinate and build capacity of people with disabilities, communities and stakeholders to provide equal opportunity for people with disabilities to fully participate in all development efforts”


CDMD’s core value applies with “TRIP” which means as follows:

  • Transparent: CDMD desires to accurate and disclosure information, greater efficiency, especially to increase transparency in accounting.


  • Respectful:   CDMD believes on mutual respect amongst its staff members and partners.


  • Innovative:   CDMD desires to new methods or ideas for improving its program and organization.


  • Partnership:  CDMD believes on mutual cooperation and responsibility to achieve common goals.


Inclusion is about all of us. Fighting for inclusion involves ensuring that support systems are available to those who need them. Providing and maintaining support is a civic responsibility, not a favour. Everyone matters.

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community based rehabilitation... a strategy for the rehabilitation, equalisation of opportunities, poverty reduction and social inclusion of people with disabilities. Moreover, it is our core activity and addresses all components of the WHO CBR guidelines, providing a holistic approach that considers health, education, livelihood, social rehabilitation and empowerment.

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