Mr. Kho Huoth, Chairperson Board of Directorspeople

With more than 20 years experience, Mr. Huoth was active on disability within NGOs and government sector to advocate for the rights and the needs of poor and vulnerable people in Cambodia. Nowadays, he is a Disability Advisor within the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veteran and Youth Rehabilitation and within a local NGO. Since 2010, he has committed himself with other board members of CDMD to ensure transparency, accountability and credibility of the organization.

I have studied Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) which aimed me increase capacity in working with people with disabilities in the community. CBR focuses on enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities and their families, meeting basic needs and ensuring inclusion and participation. I recognize CDMD’s work that contributes to the promotion rights and equal opportunities of persons with disabilities through coordinating comprehensive CBR services. In a developing country like Cambodia, CDMD is very useful and important to ensure sustainability and community ownership.”  - Kho Huoth

mobile: (855) 11 768505

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Mr. Nhip Thy, Executive Director


When in 1995 the CBR program - at that time administered by Maryknoll - extended its activities to Takeo province, Nhip Thy decided to join the program. Starting as a field supervisor travelling on his bike to visit clients and their families, over the years that the CBR program became allied with with Caritas he became coordinator. Nowadays as executive director he is one of the key members of the CDMD’s management committee.

“During the civil war I was a refugee living in one of the camps across the border in Thailand. As a medical nurse I saw many people injured. After treatment many of them became disabled. Seeing their need, I wanted to do more than provide medical help alone. What would happen if we gave them the opportunity to participate fully and equally in their family, community and society.”  - Nhip Thy

mobile: (855) 12 718008

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Mr. San Sothorn, Finance and Admin Coordinatorpeople


As honesty, loyalty and dedication are of great importance to San Sothorn, he has been involved with the work of NGO’s since 1991. At first as supervisor of the rehabilitation and residential care of orphaned disabled children, later he became office assistant and bookkeeper with Maryknoll and Caritas. Nowadays, he is one of the key members of CDMD’s management committee.

“My story is one of survival and sacrifice. Although it is typical of millions of Khmers who lived during Pol Pot’s regime of terror, it is unique because it has happened to me. Being only 9-years-old I was separated from my parents and forced to live in another village as a nurse in a small hospital. When the Vietnamese invaded, the Khmer Rouge kidnapped me and took me into the jungle to care for their wounded soldiers. When my captors eventually fled, I was abandoned and found my way out of the jungle. Like something out of a Grimm Brothers fairy tale, I was able to return home by finding the axe marks on the trees I had made several months earlier. Today I am married to a wonderful woman and have three children.” - San Sothorn

mobile: (855) 17 663160

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peopleMrs. Chan Dara, CBR Coordinator

Chan Dara started to work with CDMD’s program in 1993 - at that time under the umbrella of Maryknoll. From the beginning until today, she has been very happy with the opportunities to learn more. However, she was always focussing on people with disabilities and providing a good CBR service in Cambodia. Nowadays as CBR Coordinator she is one of the key members of CDMD’s management committee.

“Through lack of knowledge about and experience with disability many people feel hesitant towards interacting with people with a disability. CDMD is actively involved with public awareness campaigns to change this situation, and believes each culture should change both perceptions and attitudes towards disabled people. Being part of CDMD as an organisation, as well as this shift, makes me feel very proud. Its practical approach is strongly related to the approach of social responsibility. Creating an environment free of barriers should be incorporated into everyday thinking in society.” - Chan Dara

mobile: (855) 92 609108

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Mr. Phorn Paul, Assistant to Executive Director


people....As war lasted for more than two decades, almost all infrastructures and human resources became annihilated from Cambodian soil. In the wake of this horrible nightmare, hundreds of thousands Cambodians were killed, maimed, separated, hopeless and extremely suffering from mental depression to which thousands of families were forced to flee to other neighboring country like Thailand or even to the third countries in Europe in order to seek for a peaceful refugee in the Refugee Camp under the auspices of the UN. My family was one of them.

“Right after repatriated from the Refugee Camp in Thailand, I started my first job as a Translator/Interpreter with the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) in 1992.When UNTAC finished its mandate, I joined with several private companies before joining with other International NGOs such as Cambodian War Amputees Rehabilitation Society (CWARS) as project manager and Handicap International Belgium (HIB) as Translator before promoted as Personal Assistant to Country Director for more than 10 years. From what I experienced from the refugee camp and what have been left over from the civil war and by spending much time with disability, I’m very much impressed with the fields and wanted to do more to serve, fill in the needs and improve the lives of PwDs in Cambodia. My current job with CDMD is another milestone and a robust drive in the field of disability that I’m very proud of. I’m one of the key members of the CDMD’s management committee”- Phorn Paul


Mobile: (855) 12 988 415

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Mr. Chhim Sereypong, Communication and  Advocacy Coordinator


Chhim Sereypong has various experiences with many NGOs in the field of child sponsorship and community development since his university graduation. As a Communication and advocacy coordinator, he is one of the key members of the CDMD’s management committee.                                                                                                         

“I became paralyzed on my left leg due to polio since I was about 2 years old. At that time, I could not walk and I was able to move with the help of my hands. Fortunately, I was able to walk by using crutch when I was 6 years old and I was able to go to school like other children in the village. Secondary and high school lives was very difficult. I had to walk long distance from home to school every day. It was even harder during the rainy season that I had to walk through flooded rice paddies. I never give up my dream! I have built my strong heart and commitment to successfully graduate my Bachelor degree in Psychology in 2008 and Joint European Master in Comparative Local Development in April 2012. I am very lucky to get a great opportunity to work in disability sector with CDMD.  Thanks you profoundly, CDMD, for helping me achieve my career goal, especially my beloved mother for your generously emotional supports. I Love You, Mother!” - Chhim Sereypong

mobile: (855) 12 431 761

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